QorumPartners is a Virtual Care Management service provider that specializes in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). The company is a US subsidiary of Coala Life Inc. and the exclusive US distributor of the Coala Heart Monitor.
Focus on the patient

QorumPartners lets the clinic focus on what's important

QorumPartners fully managed remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions keep the patients connected 24/7/365.

QorumPartners handles every aspect, such as billing, patient onboarding, devices (handling, setup, shipping and returns) and most importantly 24/7 monitoring with care team professionals assigned to each patient based on their specific medical needs.

This assures a seamless experience for patients, while reducing workload and stress to the practice allowing clinic staff to focus on in-office consults.

Solutions offered by QorumPartners

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Specific care plans for each patient

Specific care plans for each patient

By leveraging the latest technological advances with comprehensive, turnkey services, the QorumPartners team of healthcare professionals provides real-time patient monitoring that allows US clinicians to follow patients’ care between their office appointments. QorumPartners follows specific care plans as an extension of each clinics practice. QorumPartners develop a trusting relationship with the patients that encourages and assists them as they learn to take better control of their health.