Heart Monitor System

Prescribe. Diagnose. Act.

The only patch-free Remote Heart Monitor that provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to the patient and healthcare provider. FDA cleared, reimbursed and used by thousands of patients.
Coala Heart Monitor and iPhone with app with analyzed ECG curve
Digital revolution

Real-time cardiac diagnostics

COALA is a unique medical innovation based on more than 10 years of R&D, with more than 20 patents and over 15 industry awards.

A device and cloud-based solution including a high-performance stethoscope, three integrated electrodes to capture diagnostic-quality ECG and smart algorithms enabling real-time analysis of data.

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  • 350+connected clinics
  • 30billiondatapoints analyzed
  • 87%PPV accuracy

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Dual ECG recording

300% more accurate than single-lead ECG

COALA is powered by a unique patented digital technology resulting in industry leading diagnostic-quality ECG.

The dual ECG recording with noise suppression maximizes quality, accuracy, and reduces artifacts. The smart algorithms detect AF based on P-waves and RR-dispersion leading to a significant reduced rate of false positives and increased overall accuracy.

Smart algorithms

The only smartphone system with P-wave based AF detection

The COALA is a CE and FDA 510(k) cleared device supported by strong clinical data with thousands of users. The chest-ECG with synchronized heart sound recording and thumb-ECG is transmitted via Bluetooth to maximize quality, precision and accuracy - with less artifacts and minimized false positives.

COALA’s smart algorithms analyze the recordings based on pattern recognition, P-waves and RR variability. Conventional 1-lead ECGs typically only detect AF based on RR variability, which result in high false positives. The COALA has been proven to be 300% more accurate than standard 1-lead ECG solutions, typically used in watches and other portable ECG’s.

Coala Care Portal

Real-time reports

State-of-the-art 1,000 Hz and 24-bit ECG digital architecture and data analyzed by high-performance cloud-based platform.

The HIPAA-compliant Coala Care portal presents data in real-time to providers and includes a smart report generator with ability to manually annotate and download raw data for further analysis.

Published data has not only proved high sensitivity and specificity for the system, but also a PPV of 87% for automatic AF detection.

Integrated stethoscope

Synchronized ECG and heart sounds

COALA has an integrated stethoscope that captures heart sounds. During ECG recordings, the heart sound is recorded and synchronized with the chest measurement. The data is presented as a digital phonocardiogram (PCG) to aid the detection of murmurs.

Heart sounds can also be listened to remotely and downloaded from the Coala Care portal.

Clinical need Holter Patches MCT Coala
Diagnostic Quality ECG
Improved disnostic yield
Home enrollment possible
Real-time data and reports
Reducing patients burden with wire, patch and adhesive free ECG
Improving patient empowerment with instant analysis and results
Recording heart and lung sounds
Enabling long-term use beyond 30 days and in RPM programs
Favorable reimbursement for providers. Lower cost for payors.
Enabling real-time Telemedicine
Meeting clinical pain points

Industry leading capabilities

The COALA is designed for real-time remote monitoring of heart and lungs. Real-time ECG analysis with integrated stethoscope enabling remote auscultation of heart and lungs.

Prescribe as a 30-day Event Monitor or as a long-term Remote Patient Monitor (RPM) up to a year. No waiting for results with on demand ECG reports.

Ideal for telemedicine services with ability to enroll in the clinic or in the safety of the patient’s home.

Ideal for telemedicine

Virtual cardiac diagnostics

The COALA is ideal to prescribe to patients with palpitations and intermittent symptoms of possible arrhythmias that need a long-term monitoring solution.

Its unique dual-lead ECG solution captures accurate, clinically relevant cardiac data when symptoms occur. It’s the only smartphone-based solution with automatic AF detection based on advanced pattern recognition algorithms.

The real-time visibility to results ensures physicians can efficiently progress symptomatic patients along the treatment path.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enabling true real-time Telemedicine

Prescribe COALA as a short or long-term monitoring solution to help diagnose symptomatic arrhythmias or murmurs. No wires, No patches, No waiting for reports and No unexpected bills for the patient. Home enrollment is now available, read more here.

Recordings are easy to access with automatic interpretation and real-time reports in the cloud based Coala Care portal. As it’s fully reimbursed, the COALA ensures your team’s time is covered, and at minimum patient co-pay.


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"We prescribe the Coala in our general practice"

- A key benefit of the Coala is that we have been able to empower patients, nurses and doctors around cardiac disease. The Coala is now a natural part of our workflow, diagnosis of AF and threshold for prescribing anti-coagulants or ablations.

Sara Banegas General Practitioner, Ekerö Vårdcentral, Sweden
Support during COVID-19

lung auscultation

The COALA can also be used for remote monitoring of lung sounds from a patient’s home. The unique stethoscope and respiratory monitoring solution is available with support of FDA’s Emergency Guidance during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Easy to enroll patient’s directly from their homes, eliminating the need of physical visits. Data is transmitted in real-time, making COALA ideal for Telemedicine use.

A unique digital solution addressing the needs of modern cardiology

Three reasons for the heart



Real-time analysis of 9 of the most common arrhythmias and P-wave based detection with industry leading accuracy. Integrated stethoscope enabling remote auscultation of heart and lungs. Instant feedback to patient and provider.



Prescribe as 30-day Event Monitor or as a long-term Remote Patient Monitor (RPM) up to a year. Wireless and adhesive-free design improves patient compliance. No waiting for results with on demand ECG reports.



A scalable system with a pay-per-use business model. No upfront costs or separate license fees. Ideal for telemedicine services with ability to enroll in the clinic or in the safety of the patient’s home. Nominal cost for patient.

For Event and long-term Remote Monitoring

The COALA is a unique 2-in-1 solution that can be prescribed as an Event Monitor (billed globally as CPT 93268) and/or used to follow patients long-term in RPM programs and billed monthly (CPT 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458).

The COALA is available for Home Enrollment, where it’s shipped direct to the patient enabling virtual cardiac diagnostics and eliminating physical patient visits.

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Easy and accessible

How does COALA work?

Connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and simply hold the COALA to the chest for 30 seconds to capture ECG and heart sounds, followed by a 30 second thumb-ECG recording.

Smart algorithms analyze the recordings instantly. Results are available within seconds in the Coala app and to the healthcare provider in the Coala Care portal.

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Reduce symptoms, anxiety and depression

Clinically proven to improve quality of life

The COALA was used in the groundbreaking RedHeart Study by the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) and included nearly 1,000 women and over 280,000 ECG recordings in everyday life. The study showed an increase in quality of life in women with palpitations, because of the instant results that helped reduce symptoms, anxiety and depression.

The COALA is currently used in multiple clinical studies including the TEASE-study on cryptogenic stroke patients. The COALA is provided to patients to help detect AF post-admission for an extended period of time at home. Results to be presented in 2020.

Implementation of COALA

Increase efficiency and patient satisfaction

A recent clinical evaluation of the Coala Heart Monitor at one of Scandinavia’s largest cardiac and electrophysiology clinics proved a number of positive effects including higher clinical efficiency, as well as increased patient satisfaction and reduced patient anxiety.

Selected studies

Study Summary

Summary of clinical studies with the Coala Heart Monitor

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Quality validation of different ECG leads, and an automatic P-wave detection algorithm for AF, based on real-world data

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Diagnostic yield of chest and thumb ECG after cryptogenic stroke, Transient ECG Assessment in Stroke Evaluation (TEASE): an observational trial

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Instant analysis of the ECG with direct response during palpitations reduce symptoms, anxiety, depression, and increase HRQOL in women

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