Follow your heart
with the Coala

For real-time and patient-engaged
cardiac monitoring

  • Detect Atrial Fibrillation - anywhere, anytime
  • FDA-cleared ECG and stethoscope with industry leading accuracy
  • Patch-free ECG for use in everyday life
Smart cardiac monitoring

Real-time and
patch-free ECG

The Coala Heart Monitor is an award-winning and patient-engaged medical system. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone and captures 2-lead ECG and heart sounds in just a minute.

Smart, cloud-based algorithms analyze in real-time and detect accurately for Atrial Fibrillation (based on P-wave detection and RR variability) and the ability for healthcare providers to remotely detect murmurs.

Results are presented to the user in the App and to the connected healthcare provider securely on the Web in just seconds.

No more off-line sticky ECG electrodes, itchy patches and waiting for results. The Coala has no limits in time or place, is ideal for remote patient monitoring and provides instant results and reports.

  • >93%user satisfaction rate
  • 20millionheartbeats analyzed
  • >200 providers on the platform
  • 10yrsof research
  • 24 patents granted
  • 87%PPV accuracy
A digital revolution

An award-winning Swedish innovation

Coala Life is a Swedish medical developer on a mission to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics, to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death - heart disease. It’s about helping to predict and prevent cardiac disease, powered by smart algorithms and the individual.

The Coala Heart Monitor is CE and FDA cleared and used by thousands of patients and clinicians in everyday life to help detect early signs of heart disease and alleviate worries. Our unique innovations have received multiple prestigious awards, are used in clinical practice, based on more than a decade of Swedish research and development and USD 20 million in funding to date.

Coala Life is run by an entrepreneurial team with broad knowledge, passion and experience in the heart. Many with long careers at St. Jude Medical (now Abbott). In collaboration with clinicians and industry experts we've developed and launched a multi-prize-winning portfolio of cardiac monitoring solutions.

It's all centered around the Coala Heart Monitor, a cloud-based product and service for real-time analysis of the heart. A unique, patch-free solution, detecting Atrial Fibrillation based on both P-waves and RR variability, as well as the ability to help detect murmurs instantly.

Clinically proven benefits

"Improves quality of life and reduces symptoms"

The Coala was used in the groundbreaking Red Heart Study and proved to help reduce symptoms, anxiety, depression, and increase quality of life in women with palpitations. The study was run by Karolinska Institute and included nearly 1,000 women and over 280,000 ECG recordings in everyday life. Read more here.

How it works


Have the Coala with you in everyday life.


Record your ECG and heart sounds - anywhere, anytime.


Smart algorithms analyze your ECG instantly.


Results shown immediately to you and your doctor.


Superior clinical quality enables quick diagnosis.