Real-time Heart Monitoring System

Prescribe. Diagnose. Act.

The only patch-free Remote Heart Monitor that provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to the patient and healthcare provider. FDA cleared and used by thousands of patients.

A digital revolution for the heart

The COALA is ideal for patients with palpitations, intermittent symptoms of possible arrhythmias that need a long-term monitoring solution.

Its unique dual-lead ECG solution captures accurate, clinically relevant cardiac data when symptoms occur. It’s the only smartphone-based solution with automatic AF detection based on advanced pattern recognition algorithms.

The real-time visibility to results ensures physicians can efficiently progress symptomatic patients along the treatment path.

  • 250+connected providers
  • 30billiondatapoints analyzed
  • 87%PPV accuracy

Real-time remote monitoring

For your patient-centric practice

Prescribe COALA as a long-term monitoring solution to help manage patients remotely or as a short-term 30-day Event Monitor to help diagnose symptomatic arrhythmias. No wires, no patches and no waiting for reports.

Recordings are easy to access with automatic interpretation and real-time reports in the cloud based Coala Care portal. Fully reimbursed, owner-operator based, cardiac monitoring ensures your team’s time is covered.


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"We prescribe the Coala in our general practice"

- A key benefit of the Coala is that we have been able to empower patients, nurses and doctors around cardiac disease. The Coala is now a natural part of our workflow, diagnosis of AF and threshold for prescribing anti-coagulants or ablations.

Sara Banegas General Practitioner, Ekerö Vårdcentral, Sweden
Dual ECG recording

300% more accurate than single-lead ECG

COALA is powered by a unique patented digital technology resulting in industry leading diagnostic-quality ECG.

The dual ECG recording with noise suppression maximizes quality, accuracy, and reduces artifacts. The smart algorithms detect AF based on P-waves and RR-dispersion leading to a significant reduced rate of false positives and increased overall accuracy.

For Event or long-term Remote Monitoring

The COALA is a unique 2-in-1 solution that can be used either as a prescribed Event Monitor and billed as CPT 93268 or used to follow patients long-term remotely in RPM programs and billed monthly with the new codes CPT 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458.

Coala Life has partnered with a leading cardiology practice that offers 24/7/365 monitoring services fulfilling the Event monitoring requirements.

Implementation of COALA

Clinically proven to increase efficiency and patient satisfaction

A recent clinical evaluation of the Coala Heart Monitor at one of Scandinavia’s largest cardiac and electrophysiology clinics proved a number of positive effects including higher clinical efficiency, as well as increased patient satisfaction and reduced patient anxiety.