Coala - Usage and future of telehealth and remote monitoring

Usage and future of telehealth and remote monitoring in the US

According to results from the triennial AMA Digital Health Research survey, published by American Medical Association this autumn, improved clinical outcomes and work efficiency are key drivers for adoption of new digital health tools in the US. There is a clear growing interest in digital tools, 93% of the respondents see advantages in the use of digital tools in healthcare. Also, about 3 in 5 physicians say technology can help address key needs with chronic disease patients through more regular monitoring.

Physicians using remote monitoring tools have increased significantly since 2016 (from 12% to 30%) as well as the average number of digital health tools in use by a physician (from 2.2 to 3.8). There is also many among those enthusiastic about digital health tools that plan to implement it in their practice (2 in 5 say they will adopt remote monitoring in the next year).

While there still might be a low current usage for remote monitoring the results of this survey show us that intentions are high for the future adoption of digital health tools which makes us feel very positive about the future of remote monitoring and Coala’s future business in the US.

For further reading and other key figures from the survey please see the study presentation here or read about the key findings from the study here.