Coala Connect Rx direct-to-patient

A cardiac monitor the way patients like it

The Coala Heart Monitor is now offered as a direct-to-patient prescription service in the US. Simply complete form below to be connected with a telemedicine physician. A brief telemedicine visit will be scheduled and if you are eligible, a Coala will be prescribed and shipped directly to you. Covered by most payors. Download info about Connect Rx here.

Coala Connect Rx direct-to-patient

Nationwide coverage with minimal co-pay

This service is covered by your insurance plan for a minimum of 30 days of unlimited use. Medicare and other plans may be eligible to cover long-term monitoring with the Coala for up to 12 months3. The prescribing physician will bill your insurance based on standard billing codes. As a patient you only pay the co-pay, which is typically minimal2 and fully transparent. Once service is completed, simply return the Coala in the prepaid envelope.

Follow your heart in everyday life

The Coala was introduced in 2017 based on many years of research to enable remote cardiac diagnostics. It’s FDA cleared and has been used by thousands of patients to monitor hearts in everyday life. The Coala Connect Rx service is offered in partnership with leading US telemedicine providers, with nationwide coverage. An ideal complement to your current healthcare plan, or if you quickly need a solution to remotely monitor your heart from home

Ideal if you have palpitations, arrhythmias or affected by Covid-19

The Coala is the only patch-free Remote ECG Heart Monitor that provides high quality and real time detection of the most common arrhythmias. Results are shared instantly with you as patient and our partner physician who makes the diagnosis. Ideal to monitor irregular heartbeats, capture Atrial Fibrillation or cardiac issues post-Covid-19. No sticky patches on your chest and nothing implanted under your skin – it’s simple patient-friendly convenience2.

Quick enrollment from home

With the Coala Connect Rx service you do not need to visit a clinic. Simply complete the online form to connect with a physician for a telemedicine consultation. Once Coala has been prescribed to you, it will be shipped directly to your home and hook-up is a quick and easy process done over the phone. You will receive summary reports that you can share with your physician. The prescribing physician will also provide clinical recommendations if further treatment is needed.

Complete this form to Register for Coala Connect Rx

The Connect Rx service is currently only available in selected states, subject to disclaimers. Eligibility may change. We are working on adding more states.. Fill in the form below. You will shortly thereafter be contacted by a nurse to review insurance and state eligibility. Upon acceptance, a prescribing physician will then connect for a brief telemedicine call. Complete all fields below:

Additional information

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  1. Coala is prescribed as either 30-day Event Monitor or longer-term RPM, based on medical needs determined by the provider.
  2. Subject to limitations and payor coverage.
  3. Subject to eligibility. In some cases, the Coala Heart Monitor is provided to patient direct in the clinic.


Coala Life Inc is a medical device company, and the Coala Heart Monitor (“Coala”) is an FDA 510(k) cleared, prescription only medical device. The Coala Connect Rx service is only marketed by Coala Life and initial registration data is confidentially forwarded to independent certified US physicians to respond to request. Based on medical necessity and eligibility, the Coala is prescribed to patient by certified US physicians. By registering to the Coala Connect Rx service, and clicking on Submit, you agree and accept that Coala Life is not responsible nor can be held liable for the advice given by any external healthcare provider in the context of the Coala or Coala Connect Rx service. The prescribing healthcare professionals are subject to applicable United States healthcare laws and regulations. Any use of the Coala and review of patient data are subject to agreed Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy, available here.
Coala Connect Rx is only available in the USA, and is subject to limitations, eligibility and individual payor coverage.