Coala launches first real-time Telemedicine solution for virtual diagnostics of heart and lungs

Integrated medical solution that meets new clinical demands of home-based, real time cardiac and respiratory diagnostics – affordable and reimbursed.   Irvine, CA, June 03, 2020 PRN – Coala Life, a Swedish innovator in remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring, has launched the first smartphone powered virtual cardiac and respiratory diagnostics solution with real-time, p-wave based …

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Dr. Jody Galichia talks telemedicine with Coala

Dr. Jody Galichia, legendary interventional cardiologist based in Wichita, Kansas, talks about the transition telemedicine in general and the value of Coala, see the 10-minute clip here:  

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Coala Cardio Talks – Dr. Reginald Abraham

Dr. Reginald Abraham, cardiothoracic surgeon based in Orange County, CA, shares how he’s pioneering post procedural monitoring with the Coala, see the 10-minute clip here:  

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Coala Cardiology Talks – Dr. Gil Vardi

Cardiology Talks on the shift to telemedicine and how real-time monitoring solutions are rapidly changing the possibilities for remote care. Watch this conversation on successful COVID19 telemedicine with Philip Siberg of Coala and Dr. Gil Vardi MD FACC FSCAI, voted one of America’s Best Physicians. “I see Coala taking an important role in Telecardiology for listening to the …

Senior farmer and his granddaughter using smart phone outdorrs in field.

Coala Life and Perry Community Hospital pioneer new rural telemedicine program

  Launch Perry Virtual, the first rural healthcare program using real-time monitoring solutions for high-risk patients with COPD and cardiovascular disease   Irvine, CA, May 7, 2020 PRN/ – Coala Life, the Swedish innovator in remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring and Perry Community Hospital of Tennessee are jointly launching the Perry Virtual remote monitoring program …


Coala first smartphone ECG to detect 9 different arrhythmias during COVID-19

Clinical indications expanded by FDA’s Emergency Guidance to enable more concise home-based ECG monitoring.   Irvine, CA, U.S. — April 28, 2020 /PRN – Coala Life, a world leading pioneer in remote and real-time cardiac monitoring solutions, today announces additional expansion of capabilities to help monitor patients from home. The expansion makes the Coala Heart …

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FDA cleared Coala Heart Monitor now enables virtual heart and lung exams from a patient’s home

Swedish Heart-Lung Home Monitor Expands Indications for use in COVID-19 Respiratory Diagnostic Exams   Irvine, CA, April 15th, 2020 – Coala Life, a leading Swedish digital health company has, as supported by FDA’s Emergency Guidance, expanded the indication for use enabling physicians to remotely, in real-time, monitor patients’ hearts and lung sounds. The Coala Heart …


Donald beat his AF thanks to Coala – without feeling like a patient

Donald has a family history of heart disease. Since his late 40’s, he’s been troubled by sporadic arrythmias that have come and gone. Thanks to the Coala Heart Monitor, though, he is now properly diagnosed and enjoying a healthy life as a retired engineer.   “The first time the heart struck me was back in …

Coala Heart Monitor

Telemedicine 2020 – virtual cardiac diagnostics by Coala

The Coala Heart Monitor is truly a digital revolution for the heart. Here are the three key reasons why patients, providers and payors simply love it – and has been used by thousands of patients. 1.It’s patch-free and easy to use Conventional cardiac monitors and ECG patches most often require you to wear a sticky …

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Unleashing the power of your heart – pitching to win

Dubbed the “elevator pitch expert” by the Wall Street Journal, Nathan Gold is a world-renowned leader in coaching industry leaders and entrepreneurs to get their story right and harness their speaking anxiety. “Your personal electricity is generated by your heart. And getting your pitch right means elegantly unleashing the power of your heart to captivate …