Coala Life February monthly KPI’s USA

KPI’s February 2023:

  • Patients in RPM as of February 28, 2023: 3,700
  • Annual revenue rate as of February 28, 2023: 4.6 MUSD

Explanations of KPI’s
Patients in RPM as of February 28, 2023 – Number of patients that the company monitors in USA at the end of February.
Annual revenue rate as of February 28, 2023 – Estimated recurring revenue in USD based on February month’s revenue, measured at an annual rate.

Comments of KPI’s February 2023

During February, the average value for revenue per patient increased significantly, by approximately 30%. This is because a large number of patients are now under the extended service model. The work to transfer patients to Coala’s more profitable model is estimated to be completed during Q1.

Coala Life, in consultation with affiliated clinics, conducts a review of the compliance of the total patient base on an ongoing basis. Patients who, despite a doctor’s prescription, have not started using the service or have a lack of compliance are removed from RPM. The review at the beginning of the calendar year led to more patients being removed from RPM than the number of newly added patients. This resulted in a net outflow of approximately 100 patients in February.

Historical KPI’s

Month Patients in RPM Annual rate of turnover
February 2023 3,700 4.6 MUSD
January 2023 3,800 3.7 MUSD
December 2022 3,500 3.6 MUSD
November 2022 3,100 3.2 MUSD
October 2022 2,800 3.2 MUSD
September 2022 2,600 2.7 MUSD

The figures in this press release are preliminary and unaudited.