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Coala Cardiology Talks – Dr. Gil Vardi

Cardiology Talks on the shift to telemedicine and how real-time monitoring solutions are rapidly changing the possibilities for remote care. Watch this conversation on successful COVID19 telemedicine with Philip Siberg of Coala and Dr. Gil Vardi MD FACC FSCAI, voted one of America’s Best Physicians. “I see Coala taking an important role in Telecardiology for listening to the …

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Donald beat his AF thanks to Coala – without feeling like a patient

Donald has a family history of heart disease. Since his late 40’s, he’s been troubled by sporadic arrythmias that have come and gone. Thanks to the Coala Heart Monitor, though, he is now properly diagnosed and enjoying a healthy life as a retired engineer.   “The first time the heart struck me was back in …

Coala Heart Monitor

Telemedicine 2020 – virtual cardiac diagnostics by Coala

The Coala Heart Monitor is truly a digital revolution for the heart. Here are the three key reasons why patients, providers and payors simply love it – and has been used by thousands of patients. 1.It’s patch-free and easy to use Conventional cardiac monitors and ECG patches most often require you to wear a sticky …

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Unleashing the power of your heart – pitching to win

Dubbed the “elevator pitch expert” by the Wall Street Journal, Nathan Gold is a world-renowned leader in coaching industry leaders and entrepreneurs to get their story right and harness their speaking anxiety. “Your personal electricity is generated by your heart. And getting your pitch right means elegantly unleashing the power of your heart to captivate …

Coala Heart Monitor Response

Coala Life is ready to support remote management of high-risk cardiovascular patients

In response to COVID-19 and its impact on patient care, Coala Life stands ready to scale-up operations in an effort to enable a continuum of care; addressing individuals with cardiovascular disease who are among the highest risk groups of adverse outcomes from COVID-19. Enabling home-based cardiac monitoring The Coala Heart Monitor service enables real-time remote …

Expert review

Expert review article on Coala published

A new peer-reviewed article in the scientific journal Expert Review of Medical Devices profiles the Coala Heart Monitor by researchers and clinicians of the Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm. The article reviews the proprietary dual-lead ECGs and algorithms for automatic interpretation of heart rhythms based on both RR-dispersion and P-wave morphology to diagnose …


Case study at UCLA

Coala was invited to UCLA to share our story and stimulate the next generation of industry leaders in entrepreneurship and digital health. Coala Life was the first case to be presented and it’s an honor. A special thanks to Prof. Wentai Liu and Ahmed Enany.