Healthcare Top Startups Summit 2020

Healthcare Top Startups Summit 2020

Coala is presenting at the Healthcare Top Startups Summit 2020, Oct 15th

The Summit was created to recognize the top healthcare startups & investors globally. The organizers spent months mapping the healthcare industry (4,000+ companies), marked the top ~1300 and created a 200+ page report that breaks down how the top products differentiate. Coala Life was chosen as industry leader with the review:

Coala Life built one of the most impressive devices to track cardiovascular health. Their huge focus on the consumer experience and the quality of collected data puts them far ahead of everyone else. They perfected the patient experience by adding a simple user interface that seamlessly shares data with providers. They check the box of everything you look for in the future of healthcare devices and more.

This event is perfect for healthcare startups, payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, investors and more.

Philip Siberg is presenting Coala Life.