Coala screens athletic students returning back from COVID-19

Broken Arrow is one of the largest public-school districts in Oklahoma. As students returns back from testing positive for COVID-19, the High School now uses the Coala as a part of the return-to-play process.

”When approached about the Coala, we thought this would be a great thing to have at the high school in all kinds of situations. The time we are living in right now with COVID and health articles coming out about the virus causing myocarditis in some patients brings us to the first reason why we decided to pursue the Coala”, comments Daniel Steward, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) at Broken Arrow schools

“When a student athlete returns back from testing positive for COVID-19, we use the Coala as a part of our return to play process. It is a simple device to use for ECG readings in 1 minute. Working with busy high school student athletes, it’s fast and simple to use. As athletic trainers, we are here to protect and return our student athletes back to the sport they love as safe as possible. The Coala is an extraordinary tool in helping us do that for our student athletes. We plan to use it at our mass physical event where we’ll have our doctors use the Coala when they would like to get an ECG on a student athlete. From there, they will be able to see if there is further testing needed. Lastly, we keep the Coala in our emergency bag for if/when we might need to use it on an individual having a possible cardiac event and would want to get an ECG on the individual quickly.” continues Daniel Steward.

“We are excited to add the Coala Heart Monitor to our Athletic Training Room and our Return-to-Play protocol,” says Broken Arrow Public Schools executive director of athletics Steve Dunn. “The health and safety of our student-athletes is our greatest responsibility, and this is an additional measure we have taken to ensure our families have access to the best care possible.”

“The Coala is a game changer in the realm of athletics”, concludes Daniel Steward.

The Broken Arrow initiative is a result of the work of Coala’s partner Bio Compatible and team members Arthur Gould and Shawn Jones.