Coala Heart Monitor

Telemedicine 2020 – virtual cardiac diagnostics by Coala

The Coala Heart Monitor is truly a digital revolution for the heart. Here are the three key reasons why patients, providers and payors simply love it – and has been used by thousands of patients.

1.It’s patch-free and easy to use
Conventional cardiac monitors and ECG patches most often require you to wear a sticky and itchy patch on your chest for several days to collect data. Application of patch can be a tedious process, wearing it for days limits your lifestyle, and it typically falls off early.

The Coala is patch free with stainless steel integrated electrodes. No tedious process to apply and stick on your chest. Can be started on home-enrollment, and has already been used by thousands of patients record ECG’s and heart sounds anytime, anywhere.


2.Results in real-time
Conventional cardiac monitors often require you to mail in the patch so data can be downloaded and analyzed. Once physicians get the report, more than 3 weeks have easily passed, provided it arrived by post on time. Not really telemedicine, rather post-medicine.

The Coala analyzes ECG recordings in real-time based on p-wave and RR-dispersion algorithms, with results provided instantly to both patient and prescribing physician. Summary reports can be produced and downloaded anytime. Diagnostics and therapy can be provided weeks faster than with other ECG solutions. Virtual diagnostics at its best.


3.Provider bills global codes, patient gets no unexpected bills
Conventional cardiac monitors typically bill patients directly for the technical component, which is the major cost related to cardiac monitoring. The provider is left with reimbursement for hook-up and interpretation. As the need of home-enrollment solutions now emerge, the provider will no longer have ability to bill for hook-up, lowering their already low reimbursement.

With the Coala, the provider bills the full global Event or RPM codes, ensuring their time is fully reimbursed. No split billing, no unexpected bills for patients – they only pay their applicable co-pay – and overall lower in cost for payors as compared to other ECG monitoring solutions.


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