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Unleashing the power of your heart – pitching to win

Dubbed the “elevator pitch expert” by the Wall Street Journal, Nathan Gold is a world-renowned leader in coaching industry leaders and entrepreneurs to get their story right and harness their speaking anxiety.

“Your personal electricity is generated by your heart. And getting your pitch right means elegantly unleashing the power of your heart to captivate your audience” says Nathan holding his hand gently to his chest.

The human heart produces an astonishing near 5 Gigawatts of energy and generates billions of heartbeats during its lifetime. In a stressful situation such as delivering a presentation, your heart rate generally rises, as your body releases a flood of adrenaline.

Most of us are affected by irregular heartbeats every now and then, often as a normal response to excitement, anxiety, stress, or exercise. But electrical disturbances in the heart may also be indicators of cardiac disease.

“I use my Coala Heart Monitor frequently in daily life to check my own heart. It gives me a total sense of peace and I feel empowered by the real-time feedback I get in my smartphone,” says Nathan.

Nathan has a history of ectopic heartbeats. This means the heart sometimes skips a beat or adds an extra beat. Heart disease also runs in his family. To better understand his arrhythmias, ease worries and preventively monitor the heart, Nathan was last year provided with a Coala Heart Monitor.

“I was told a few years ago that I had an enlarged heart and would probably have problems in life. But now I share my Coala data directly with my cardiologist and feel better than ever. He loves the fact that the data along with the actual audio recordings of my heartbeats are instantly available to him in the cloud.”

The Coala is a unique FDA-cleared product that accurately analyzes the energy produced by the human pacemaker of the heart, also known as the sinoatrial node. “This is very different from consumer ECG devices and watches which have shown to lead to high levels of inaccurate readings,” comments Philip Siberg.

So, what are Nathan’s key tips for harnessing your speaking anxiety? “Breathe more, stand taller and find a piece of music that transports you into a state of excitement, power, or peace. By controlling your breathing, you have the ability to reduce your heart rate and your anxiety, and thereby think more clearly while speaking. The power is in your heart,” comments Nathan.

Since 2008, Nathan has worked with over 1 million people around the world delivering keynotes and workshops along with thousands of hours of presentation and speaker coaching. He’s an expert in designing, scripting and delivering more compelling and memorable presentations and product demos, especially in situations where you cannot afford to miss. Nathan is an Industry Fellow and lecturer at universities as UC Berkeley, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Wharton. He also has 2 books published and available on

“When you and I complete your coaching sessions, I promise you you’ll either raise your money, win an award or receive a standing ovation”, finishes Nathan.


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