Coala named one of the hottest startups in Europe

With alumni such as Minecraft, Skype, Spotify, King and iZettle, Stockholm is often called Europe’s unicorn factory. And its got plenty of new, young startups to showcase, too.

Over the past decade, Stockholm has experienced a spike in venture capital and government funding, with more and more co-working spaces popping up around the city. But the biggest change, says Anna Gissler, the CEO of Invest Stockholm, is startups trying to make a positive impact on society.

UK magazine Wired has listed Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups 2019 and Coala Life is on the list.


“The stress of his previous startup left Coala’s co-founder Philip Siberg in a hospital’s emergency department with heart problems. There he was assessed using analogue technology, and the experience “opened my eyes to the need for solutions that can democratise cardiology”, he says. Siberg founded Coala Life in 2014, a startup that developed a heart monitor – a diagnostic tool that can be used by both patients and doctors. Without wires or sticky electrodes, it’s a matchbox-size device users hold to the heart, to get an ECG on the Coala app in just one minute, with the same precision as expensive hospital equipment. The monitor is part of the trend towards “predictive and preventive medicine”, says Siberg. It has just been FDA-approved and Coala is expanding to the US market.”


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