Coala introduces new algorithms with advanced P-wave detection and Apple Health Records compatibility

The next-generation Coala Heart Monitor is now launched with increased accuracy to detect heart disease and with minimized risk of false positive results. Thus, the Coala Heart Monitor becomes the first integrated, smartphone-based system to detect arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation (AF) based on analysis of both P-wave and R-R variability in the ECG signal, in line with clinical guidelines.

–       Now we take the next big technical leap for the heart and further increase the detection accuracy. Our new algorithms are best-in-class and with nearly half a million ECG measurements analyzed, we have unique prerequisites for ongoing training of the algorithms to clinical perfection; commented Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

State-of-the-art analytic algorithms

The new analysis algorithms are based on research findings presented at the 2018 Autumn Meeting of the Swedish Association for Clinical Physiology in Lund, Sweden. In the study[1], Coala’s new analysis algorithms were evaluated with enhanced functionality to detect atrial fibrillation based on the presence of P-wave or not in the ECG signal. The new algorithms were compared to existing Coala Heart Monitor algorithms and demonstrated a significant increase in accuracy by an increased Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of 0.751 to 0.872, corresponding to a decrease of false positive results by more than 90%, while at the same time retaining high sensitivity and specificity.

Meeting  clinical guidelines with P-wave and R-R based detection

Established clinical guidelines define that atrial fibrillation (AF) is diagnosed by ECG and demonstrated variability in R-R and absence of P-waves. Detecting P-waves with high-sensitivity and specificity requires high resolution and signal quality. Coala Heart Monitor analyzes, unlike conventional mobile ECG systems that typically only detect for irregular pulse or R-R variability, both for R-R variability and absence of P-waves, leading to market leading accuracy.

Apple compatibility

The new Coala Heart Monitor is compatible with new Apple Health Records and is since 2017 already compatible with Apple Health. The latest version of Coala App 1.5 is available today with Apple AppStore and Google Play.

To download the new Coala Product Note, click here.

For more information contact:

Philip Siberg, VD, +46 70 790 6734,

Titti Lundgren, CMO, +46 70 835 33 28,

[1] Evaluation of an enhanced, cloud-based AF-detection algorithm based on real-world arrhythmic recordings. Olsson Å et al. Abstract presented at 2018 Höstmöte för Svensk Förening för Klinisk Fysiologi, Lund.