Coala Hear Monitor abstract poster

New study shows how the Coala Heart Monitor becomes smarter the more it is used

At the Autumn meeting of the Swedish Association for Clinical Physiology in Lund, a new study was presented “Evaluation of an enhanced, cloud-based AF detection algorithm based on real-world arrhythmic recordings conducted.” by Åke Olsson, Cardiologist, City Heart and Magnus Samuelsson, CTO, Coala Life.

The study evaluated new analytical algorithms with enhanced functionality that detects atrial fibrillation based on the presence of p-wave in the ECG signal. The new algorithms were compared to existing Coala Heart Monitor algorithms, and demonstrated a significant increase in accuracy by an increased Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of over 90%.

The study shows how cloud-based medical systems have the ability to continuously enhance their performance by using their own reference data to train further increase performance and accuracy.

Read the report here.