Launch of Coala Pro X, a digital service for smart cardiac assessments

STOCKHOLM 2018, Sept 25. Introducing the Coala Pro X, a new medical service for patient centered, digital cardiac investigations in a home environment. Upon order, a Coala Heart Monitor Pro is sent directly to the patient for monitoring, which simplifies handling, eliminates waiting times, and more efficient remote cardiac assessment through any connected computer.

Coala Pro X is a new, patient centered, digital service developed for caregivers. The service is simply ordered online whereby a Coala Heart Monitor Pro is sent directly home to the patient, including a return envelope. Appropriate assessment period is decided by the care provider, typically 30-60 days. The system has no limitations on the number of measurements or usage. The caregiver follows the connected patient via the Coala Care Platform and is not required to handle or manage any products in the clinic.

“We’re now taking additional steps to transform and digitize cardiac assessments. We make it possible for both primary and specialist care to easily carry out patient centered cardiac investigations without waiting times, with simplified handling and at significantly lower costs.” commented Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

The Coala Heart Monitor Pro records both 30 second breast and finger ECG to maximize accuracy in the measurement. Automatic detection of 10 different arrhythmias, incl. normal based on algorithms developed and validated in Sweden. The Coala Pro also has an integrated digital stethoscope that synchronously captures ECG, to enable remote auscultation and smart correlation.

Easy. No need of internal configuration or handling. A smart service at low cost.

Available. A Coala Pro is sent home directly to the patient within 36h, with a return envelope.

Connected.  Follow the patient remotely and diagnose efficiently via Coala Care.

For a free Coala Care account and more information on pricing and opportunities with digital cardiac investigations, contact Anna Hernegran on, or phone     +46 70 835 3462. The service is currently only available in Sweden.

For more info, please contact:

Philip Siberg, CEO, +46 70 7906734,