Launch of Coala Pro X, a digital service for smart cardiac assessments


STOCKHOLM 2018, Sept 25. Introducing the Coala Pro X, a new medical service for patient centered, digital cardiac investigations in a home environment. Upon order, a Coala Heart Monitor Pro is sent directly to the patient for monitoring, which simplifies handling, eliminates waiting times, and more efficient remote cardiac assessment through any connected computer. Coala …

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What is the future of cardiology-it is digital and patient engaged at ESC 2018.


Just back home from the ESC (European Society of Cardiology), the world’s largest cardiovascular meeting gathering almost 35,000 professionals. One of the boiling pots of this year’s meeting in Munich was the Digital Health pavilion. Like a hyper-magnet, and cramped with visitors, the pavilion attracted the curiosity and interest of many of the world leaders …