Coala Life receives major grant from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems to further develop Artificial Intelligence to enable early prediction of heart disease

Coala Life has, in partnership with Region Gävleborg och Cardiolund Research AB, received a governmental grant of 1.2 million SEK to further develop an AI-based system for cardiac disease prediction.

The project goal is to develop, integrate, train and clinically validate an AI-based system for outcome prediction. The AI system will be integrated into the CE-approved Coala Heart Monitor and scientifically verified on patients within the Region of Gävleborg.

Through AI, individualized and prevention-oriented heart screening is made possible in the home environment. If a likelihood of a certain diagnosis becomes high then the user can be warned early. Early detection of abnormalities provides opportunities for early prevention and ultimately improved public health, eg by preventing stroke cases with the treatment of anticoagulants.

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