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Coala Cardio Talks with Dr. Reginald Abraham and Philip Siberg

Coala Cardio Talks – Dr. Reginald Abraham

Dr. Reginald Abraham, cardiothoracic surgeon based in Orange County, CA, shares how he’s pioneering post procedural monitoring with the Coala, see the 10-minute clip here:  

Backside of Coala Heart Monitor shown held in mans hand

Coala first smartphone ECG to detect 9 different arrhythmias during COVID-19

Clinical indications expanded by FDA’s Emergency Guidance to enable more concise home-based ECG monitoring.   Irvine, CA, U.S. — April 28, 2020 /PRN – Coala Life, a world leading pioneer in remote and real-time cardiac monitoring solutions, today announces additional expansion of capabilities to help monitor patients from home. The expansion makes the Coala Heart Monitor the only …


Donald beat his AF thanks to Coala – without feeling like a patient

Donald has a family history of heart disease. Since his late 40’s, he’s been troubled by sporadic arrythmias that have come and gone. Thanks to the Coala Heart Monitor, though, he is now properly diagnosed and enjoying a healthy life as a retired engineer.   “The first time the heart struck me was back in …