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Coala Life expands indications to enable remote respiratory patient monitoring

Stockholm, Sweden and Irvine, CA, US, April 15th, 2020 – Coala Life, the pioneer in remote and real-time cardiac monitoring solutions, today announces expanded functionality of the Coala Heart Monitor allowing for remote lung auscultation using the existing integrated digital stethoscope. The Coala has recently been made available in the US for home enrolled cardiac monitoring, eliminating the need of physical interaction between patient and caregiver. This unique added respiratory functionality is made available as a result of FDA’s new emergency guidance striving to help battle COVID-19 during a global health emergency.

The Coala Heart Monitor (“Coala”) is an FDA-cleared and CE Class IIa medical device system intended for remote cardiac and respiratory monitoring. This expanded functionality will enable healthcare providers to use the Coala and its integrated stethoscope to, besides remote cardiac monitoring previously available, remotely auscultate lungs and aid in the detection of pulmonary disease.

COVID-19 is a globally fast-spreading contagious illness. After receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis many patients, in particular risk groups including individuals with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, are directed to manage their symptoms and recover at home under self-quarantine. Some patients require hospitalization. Lung sounds can provide vital information about respiratory health and disease progression. The ability to remotely auscultate and follow lung sounds as an addition to previously available remote cardiac monitoring can help patients remain in their homes, with potential to reduce the load on healthcare in a time of emergency.

The unique and novel Respiratory Monitoring solution will be made available for existing and new Coala users in US and selected EU markets, supported in the US by FDA’s new emergency guidance striving to help battle COVID-19 during a global health emergency.

The Coala Heart Monitor was introduced in Scandinavia in 2017 and further in the US and selected EU countries in 2019. Over 250 healthcare providers are connected globally to the Coala Care platform. The Coala includes an integrated high-performance stethoscope, and a synchronous high-resolution 2-lead ECG, allowing for real-time remote diagnostics of arrhythmias, forms of congenital heart disease and certain respiratory disorders.

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