Coala Life introduces novel, next generation smart algorithms for the heart

Stockholm, 18 dec, 2017 – Coala Life has developed a portfolio of user-centered digital solutions for monitoring the heart. Coala has now released a set of enhanced, smart algorithms enabling remote visualization as well as unique interpretation tools to help objectively detect noise related disturbances in the heart, such as murmurs.

Visualization is made possible in the Coala Care portal. Through the portal, caregivers can easily connect to users of the Coala Heart Monitor and Coala Heart Monitor Pro remotely, based on the users consent. The Coala Care 1.3 release includes new, smart digital interpretation tools, a unique digital Phonocardiogram and the ability to follow individual trends.

– We’ve taken another industry leap by introducing novel digital algorithms and tools for cardiac assessment based on strong user engagement. Besides real-time, cloud based analysis, our unique new tools allow for correlation and visualization of the heart’s synchronous mechanical and electrical characteristics. This helps clinicians to remotely detect early signs of heart disease based on the power of the individual; comments Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life AB.




The Coala Heart Monitor and Coala Heart Monitor Pro are powered by smart algorithms that enable detection of 10 different arrhythmias through high quality chest- and thumb-ECG, with synchronous heart sound recording. The Coala Heart Monitor is marketed OTC directly to consumers with CE-approval for use in home environments. The Coala Pro is marketed to healthcare providers to enable smarter and more efficient digital cardiac investigations based on patient engagement. Data is made available in the cloud through the Coala Care Portal, and is free of charge for healthcare providers to join and remotely connect to users.

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