Dr. Dwyer joins Coala Life Inc. as new Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Dwyer joins Coala Life Inc. as new Chief Medical Officer


Coala Life today is pleased to announce the appointment of Jerome V. Dwyer, MD, MBA as Chief Medical Officer – Coala Life, Inc. Dr. Dwyer will oversee the continued development of Coala’s patient-centric solutions that use smart algorithms to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics and help win the battle against the world’s leading …

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Amy Davalle new President of Coala Life US

Change of hearts: Transition of Coala Life US leadership


Amy Davalle has been appointed the new President of Coala Life US. Amy joins the team to continue the scale-up of the US business. She brings very strong medical device expertise and leadership honed through her years at Guidant, Boston Scientific, Abbott, as well as, through senior positions within the start-up community.   Philip Siberg, co-founder …

Doctor looking at mobile phone to analyse Coala heart monitor data

Introducing Managed RPM by Coala


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is now a well-established methodology with clear benefits for patients and providers. Yet maintaining program compliance may be challenging and resource-intensive. With Managed RPM by Coala® clinics can now run RPM with minimal operational burden, while benefiting from better healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction, and favorable revenues. Managed RPM by Coala® is a new turn-key solution offered …

Dr. Azadeh Beheshtian, Avicenna Cardiology and Coala Life

Managing Palpitation Patients with the Coala


Coala now has a clinical protocol for long term monitoring of patients with palpitations and other symptoms related to arrhythmia.  Long term monitoring with Coala can help detect, diagnose and help eliminate palpitations, reduce symptoms and improve patient quality of life. This clinical protocol and workflow was created by Dr. Azadeh Beheshtian, Avicenna Cardiology. Read …

new Coala Monitoring Report – summary of Coala generated data shown on tablet

Coala introduces more advancements for the heart


Introducing the new Coala Monitoring Report – enhanced to provide physicians with a comprehensive summary of Coala generated data. The report is customizable and can be created on-demand at any time. An ideal tool to effectively track ECG and patient-reported symptoms, to support diagnosis, and document 30-day Event or long-term RPM billing. Coala is the ideal …

Avicenna Cardiology and Coala life

The long-term solution for stressed New York hearts


Avicenna Cardiology is located on Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York. The clinic is led by Dr. Azadeh Beheshtian, board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Beheshtian specializes in interventional cardiology and peripheral artery disease, providing top-quality heart care and promoting self-preventive cardiology. Avicenna has launched …

Tampa Cardiovascular associates and Coala Heart Monitor program

Leading cardiology clinics in Tampa roll out Coala Heart Monitor program


Tampa Cardiovascular Associates is one of the leading cardiovascular groups on the east coast of Florida. The physicians and employees of Tampa Cardiovascular Associates are committed to providing their patients with the best available programs for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of artery and vein diseases. The Coala Heart Monitor is now available for prescription …

Dr. Carina Carnlöf, lead investigator of the RedHeart study with Coala Life

Q&A with Dr. Carina Carnlöf, lead investigator of the RedHeart study


In the recently published RedHeart Study the Coala Heart Monitor was used to remotely monitor 821 women with palpitation issues for 60 days. Over 200,000 individual ECG strips were analyzed. The direct ECG response of the Coala Heart Monitor contributed to reduced levels of anxiety, depression and symptoms of palpitations. The direct ECG response of …


First patient-reported feasibility study of Coala published in BMJ


In the recently published TEASE-study (BMJ Open, Aug 2020) the Coala Heart Monitor was used to evaluate 100 patients over 28 days following cryptogenic stroke. The second publication (BMJ Open, Oct 2020) now reports the results of the patients’ own stated experience of using the Coala. In summary, the stroke patients reported very high satisfaction …