Coala Heart Monitor

Follow your heart with the Coala

  • Patch-free ECG for use in everyday life
  • Immediate response in the Coala app
  • Direct connection to your doctor

Smart, accurate and real-time

A patch-free ECG monitor with instant results and is connected to your doctor

Meet the Coala, an award-winning and patient-engaged medical system designed just for your heart. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone and captures your ECG and heart sounds in just a minute.

Smart algorithms analyze instantly and help to detect if you have Atrial Fibrillation or any of the 8 other common arrhythmias that Coala detects for automatically - with industry leading accuracy.

You get the results in seconds and your connected doctor can access the data simultaneously and remotely through the web. All secure and encrypted.

No need of sticky ECG electrodes, itchy patches or wires. Just have the Coala with you in daily life and help catch those heart beats you want to share with your doctor.

Ask your doctor about Coala. It’s CE- and FDA-cleared and has been used by thousands of patients in Europe.

"The Coala gives me control"

- I always have my Coala with me. With the Coala I can keep track of my heart and feel safe. We need to talk more about atrial fibrillation.

Henrik Eriksson, Winner of Vasaloppet – the world's largest ski race

For confirmation and freedom

Is your heart skipping beats?

The Coala enables you to follow your heart in everyday life. Catch the episodes when your heart is palpitating, when it feels like it’s beating irregularly or just missing a beat every now and then.

You simply pair the Coala with your smartphone and perform a 60 second ECG recording. Results of the analysis are presented to you in the Coala app in seconds, and you can easily view or share your measurements with your doctor.

Take control of your heart – love the Coala.

“We use the Coala as a diagnostic tool”

Coala allows us to identify atrial fibrillation in risk patients. This is due to Coala's high quality ECG and the ability to perform long monitoring periods. Patients who otherwise run the risk of stroke can now be more easily identified by using Coala.

Christos Milonas, MD
Specialist in cardiology and internal medicine at Cityheart, Sweden

For the sake of your heart

So how how does it work?

Start the Coala from the app and hold it towards your chest for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 seconds of thumb-ECG. The patent pending 2-lead ECG recording maximizes quality, precision and accuracy - with less artifacts and need to redo the recording. And you can keep headphones and other accessories running.

Results of the analysis are presented to you in the Coala app in seconds, and your data is at the same time available for doctor to view in the Coala Care Platform. Simple, accurate and always connected.

The Coala is a valuable medical innovation to help fight cardiovascular diseases - the leading cause of death in the world. Many heart diseases can be detected and appropriately treated through preventive screening and diagnostics, including auscultation (listening to the heart) and ECG. Coala helps to detect arrhythmias, and to make sure you are treated in time.

Market leading precision

Award-winning solutions for your heart

The Coala Heart Monitor is used by thousands of patients and clinicians in everyday life to help detect early signs of heart disease and alleviate worries. Coala’s smart algorithms detect Atrial Fibrillation, 8 other arrhythmias and understands if it’s simply a matter of harmless heart palpitations, all with market leading precision.

Research shows that Coala’s algorithms used in analysis has market leading precision and accuracy. To read more about the research results, click here.

Peace of mind

Unlike ECG patches, the Coala is always connected to your doctor

Coala is designed to provide you and your healthcare provider with an effective tool where you are able to conduct an arrhythmia assessments and diagnostics at home with little to no disruption of your everyday life. Giving you peace of mind knowing your doctor has access to your heart data remotely and at all times.

"Peace of mind and sense of security"

- My Coala helps me feel calm, it gives me a sense of security and control. I think it's simply amazing!

Alexandra Charles von Hofsten, Influencer and Founder of the 1.6 & 2.6 million club