Market leading precision

Real-time cardiac monitoring

The Coala Heart Monitor is an award-winning and patient-engaged medical system for remote cardiac monitoring. The Coala connects wirelessly to a smartphone and captures ECG and heart sounds in just a minute.

Smart, cloud-based algorithms analyze instantly and detect for Atrial Fibrillation (based on P-wave detection and RR variability), 8 other common arrhythmias and the ability to detect murmurs. Results presented to user and connected healthcare provider in seconds.

No more off-line sticky ECG electrodes, itchy patches or wires. The Coala has no limits in time or place and provides instant results and reports.

  • For patient-engaged diagnostics of arrhythmias and post-procedure follow-up in everyday life
  • Proprietary 2-lead ECG and integrated stethoscope powered by smart algorithms
  • Remote Monitoring Platform and HIPAA compliant data access

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How it works

1. Record

The patient simply holds the Coala against their chest for a 30 second ECG recording, followed by a 30 second thumb-ECG recording. Recordings can be performed anywhere, anytime in daily life. The heart sound is also recorded synchronously with the chest measurement.


The recording is sent encrypted and analyzed by Coala’s smart algorithms. Results are presented within seconds to the patient in the Coala App, and to the connected healthcare provider in the web-based Coala Care platform.


ECGs and the recorded heart sounds are instantly accessed in the HIPAA-compliant Coala Care web-platform. Easy to interpret recordings with automatic analysis for AF, possibility to generate reports and communicate with patients remotely.

"We use the Coala for our cardiac assessments"

-We use the Coala as a connected event monitoring solution to help catch arrhythmias, screen for AF and better understand the cause of palpitations. It offers excellent patient engagement and easy to use for typically 30 days. Of extra value is that it’s simple and fast to provide to the patient.

Hans-Jörgen Nilsson, Cardiologist at the University Hospital of Skåne, Sweden.

World-class clinical accuracy

Capture ECG and heart sounds simultaneously

The Coala is a FDA 510(k) cleared system supported by strong clinical data and thousands of users. The patent pending 2-lead ECG and synchronized heart sound recording with secure Bluetooth transmission maximizes quality, precision and accuracy - with less artifacts and minimized false positives.

The state-of-the-art algorithms analyze the recordings instantly based on P-wave detection and RR variability, unlike conventional AF screening solutions that typically only detect for RR variability.

Read more about published performance assessments here. For the abstract showing a Positive Predictive Value of 87%, click here. Research is published in Circulation. For more info on the analyzing categories and specifications (US version), see here, and (EU version) here.  

"We use the Coala in general practice"

- A key benefit of the Coala is that we have been able to empower patients, nurses and doctors around cardiac disease. The Coala is now a natural part of our work flow, diagnosis of AF and threshold for prescribing anti-coagulants or ablations.

Sara Banegas General Practitioner, Ekerö Vårdcentral, Sweden

Real-time cardiac assessments

Instead of Holter and itchy ECG-patches

The Coala is the next generation event monitor designed to engage the patient for better outcomes. It’s an effective monitoring solution as an alternative to short-term, off-line ECG-patches to enable arrhythmia assessments in everyday life.

After recording an ECG, the results are displayed within seconds for the patient in the Coala App and for the healthcare provider in the web-based Coala Care platform. In Coala Care you follow your patients, and it offers a clear overview of abnormal values - without data overload. It enables further remote analysis, auscultation, ability to create PDF's, download raw data and communicate directly with Coala users.

With the Coala system you can save time and increase revenues, it’s HIPAA-compliant and designed to enable smarter assessments, improve healthcare productivity and profitability.

The Coala is has used by thousands of patients and hundreds of healthcare providers in Scandinavia are connected to the Coala Care platform.

"Ideal for remote diagnostics"

- We use the Coala at the Karolinska Hospital to assess female hearts, to better understand their arrhythmias and confirm the diagnosis.

Professor Karin Schenck-Gustafsson, Karolinska Institute

The new digital solution for your clinical practice

The Coala is the ideal solution when patient engagement is preferred. A smart event monitor with instant AF detection as well as murmur identification. It's smartphone driven with a cloud-based platform system that is ideal for long-term remote monitoring or just 30-day ambulatory assessments.

All powered by a proprietary 2-lead ECG-platform detecting AF based on RR-variability and p-waves. Simply medical perfection.


Award-winning medical solutions

The Coala is protected by more than 20 patents, based on more than 10 years of R&D and honored with over 15 industry awards. The Coala consists of a unique high-performance piezo sensor that records and digitizes the low frequency sounds of the heart, and with three integrated electrodes to quickly and synchronously capture ECG. The digital platform with 1.000 Hz, 24-bit ECG-technology delivers excellent high-quality ECG and analysis.

To read the latest published performance assessment and abstract of dual vs. single lead arrhythmic ECG recordings, click here.

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Selected studies and research


Carnlöf, Schenck-Gustafsson, Jensen-Urstad, Insulander. Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital

Instant analysis of the ECG with direct response during palpitations reduce symptoms, anxiety, depression, and increase HRQOL in women

Cardiovascular Spring Meeting (Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet) 2019, Stockholm

Olsson and Samuelsson, 2019

Performance evaluation of dual vs. single lead automatic, real-world arrhythmic ECG recordings

European Society of Cardiology ESC Congress 2019, Paris, France


Product Note - EU version

Coala - First smartphone based system with advanced P-wave detection

Product Note - US version

The first truly patient-engaged and real-time cardiac monitoring system for unlimited use

Example ECG - Coala

Example of chest- and thumb ECG presented with analysis in Coala Care Portal


Regulatory and validation support

Coala Life's solutions are all CE Class IIa and FDA 510(k) cleared for home and professional use.