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On a mission to win the battle against heart disease

Coala Life is a Swedish medical developer on a mission to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics, to help win the battle against the world’s leading cause of death - the heart. It’s about predicting and preventing cardiac disease, powered by smart algorithms and the individual.

Our contribution is to provide mankind with digital, medical solutions to be able to follow their hearts themselves, driven by smart algorithms while at the same time collect data to benefit cardiac research.

Our unique innovations are based on more than a decade of Swedish research and development and honored by multiple awards. The solutions are used by thousands of individuals and hundreds of healthcare providers are connected to the Coala Care platform.

We make it possible for everyone to monitor and analyze their heart. Anytime, anywhere.

Coala Team

About us

With passion for the heart

Coala Life is run by an entrepreneurial team with broad knowledge, passion and experience in the heart. Many with long careers at St. Jude Medical (now Abbott). In collaboration with clinicians and industry experts, and more than USD 20 million in funding, we've developed and launched a multi-prize-winning portfolio of cardiac monitoring solutions.

It's all centered around the Coala Heart Monitor, a cloud-based product and service for real-time analysis of the heart.The Coala Heart Monitor is unique in detecting Atrial Fibrillation based on both P-wave detection and RR variability, as well as the ability to help detect murmurs instantly.


Liselott Kilaas (chair), Johanna Öberg, Ebba Fåhraeus, Sören Olofsson, Anders Rodebjer and Jan Flood.

Liselott has an impressive career as, among others, CEO of Aleris, the largest private healthcare provider in the Nordics. Liselott has been on the Board of Telenor ASA and the Central Bank of Norway, to mention a few assignments. Sören has been the CEO of some of Swedens largest hospitals, he laid the foundation of e-health in Sweden and he advises the European Union on digitization of health. Johanna is the CEO of Memira, the largest healthcare provder in the Nordics within eye lens replacement surgery. Ebba is a super star of entrepreneurship and innovation, and among others, the CEO of SmiLe Incubator. Anders R has medical degree and is the super corporate finance guy. Jan is a great lawyer and one of the founding investors of the company.


Tord Juhlin, MD, PhD, Senior consultant and Cardiologist, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. Tord is also the Chairman of the Swedish Cardiology Societies Heart Rhythm Group (HRG).

Hans-Jörgen Nilsson, MD, PhD, Workstream Lead Cardiology, Senior consultant and Cardiologist, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. Hans-Jörgen is currently active in the cardiology implementation of new region wide EMR system in Region Skåne.

Claes Held, MD, PhD, Senior consultant and Professor in Cardiology, Akademiska Hospital Uppsala (The Uppsala University Hospital), Sweden. Claes is also a researcher active at Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)

Ulf Tossman, PhD Neuropharmacology, CEO Orphelion AB, Co-founder of Coala Life AB. Ulf is also chairman/board member of several Swedish Life-science companies.


The Coala investors include prominent doctors, professors, entrepreneurs, life science experts, business angels, institutional investors, family offices, the management team and lots of ordinary people sharing our mission and vision. USD 20 million invested so far. Thank you.


Coala Life has been honored by over 15 industry awards and recognitions for its innovations including The Grand Award of Swedish Design, elected as one of five Cool Vendors by Gartner, elected as the leading MedTech company in Sweden, listed on the Global 100 Digital Health Companies by the Journal of mHealth, honored with the Rising Star Award by the Swedish American Life Science Summit etc.


Press releases

Fr. v. Anders Nyren (Aktieägare och styrelsemedlem),
Philip Siberg (VD och medgrundare), Larry Leksell (Aktieägare)

Coala Life secures USD 10 million for expansion into the US market


STOCKHOLM April 24, 2019 – Coala Life today announces the closing of an A-series round of approximately USD 10 million (SEK 92 million) raised from Swedish institutional and private investors. The proceeds are intended to accelerate the commercialization and establish the company on the US market. Investors include 20 North Street, Larry Leksell, Anders Nyrén …

Bild pressrelease EKG Vårmötet

New research confirms Coala’s leading detection accuracy


Gothenburg, April 11, 2019 – New research presented today at the 21st Swedish Cardiovascular Spring Meeting in Gothenburg confirms the detection accuracy of the Coala Heart Monitor and it s sequential combination of digital chest- and thumb-ECG. The 2-lead ECG method and instant cloud-based mobile platform proves significantly increased accuracy of detetcing Atrial Fibrillation as …


FDA clears the Coala Heart Monitor


Stockholm, Sweden, February 14th, 2019 – Coala Life AB announced today that it has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Coala Heart Monitor. The Coala is a novel mobile and cloud based solution with an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) and digital stethoscope, ideal for remote monitoring of heart conditions. Coala’s …

Our story


Coala awarded the 2021 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award – Cardiac Monitoring.
Protocol for using Coala on long-term management of patients with palpitation issues and related symptoms. Read here.
Launch of new unique features including Coala Automated Monitoring Report and enhanced sound filters for remote auscultation.
Launch of managed RPM by Coala to help providers run seamless and compliant RPM programs.
TGA approval in Australia
RedHeart Study published proving that the Coala helps reduce symptoms of palpitations and increases quality of life in over 800 women
Coala introduced for post-Ablation monitoring at one of the leading US healthcare system
Launch of service to help enhance and leverage cardiac rehab programs.
Launch of the Coala Connect Rx direct-to-patient telecardiology service in the US
Coala introduced as screening tool of athletic students returning back from Covid-19 at one of US largest high schools
First patient-reported feasibility study of Coala published in BMJ, with excellent patient feedback
TEASE-study is published in BMJ validating the use of Coala for post-cryptogenic stroke monitoring
Coala Life and MyCardiologist to roll-out the largest Real-Time Cardiac Monitoring program in Florida
Coala Life rolls out in major cardiology clinics in Texas and California
Expanded FDA indication to allow for automatic detection of 9 of the most common arrhythmias during COVID-19 emergency
Expanded FDA indication to allow for lung sound monitoring during COVID-19 emergency
Perry Virtual first major rural health program in US to use Coala for remote monitoring
Launch of home enrollment service in the US to help reduce risk of COVID-exposure
Scientific data presented at the AHA EPI 2020 meeting in Phoenix confirmed again the superior accuracy of the Coala Heart Monitor
Coala Life pioneers new post-procedure protocol in partnership with Dr Reginald Abraham, a leading US cardiothoracic surgeon based in CA, USA
Coala is awarded with the Cardiology 2.0 Impact Award for 2020
Coala Life enters technology partnership with multi-billion medical device company Asahi Kasei in Japan to expand into Heart Failure market
Coala Life partners with California-based High Desert Heart Institute as the first major healthcare provider contract for Coala Life in the US
Aleris, one of the largest healthcare providers in Northern Europe, completes a successful evaluation and clinical implementation of the Coala Heart Monitor at the Sabbatsberg Hospital. Read the report here.
First patients diagnosed and treated for Atrial Fibrillation in the US thanks to Coala
Coala's US advisory board assembled with leading industry professionals
Coala's US advisory board assembled with leading industry professionals
Clinical performance results are presented on the Digital Health stage at the world's largest cardiology meeting - European Society of Cardiology (ESC) - including results from the Red Heart Study.
Coala Life expands into the US market with office in Irvine, CA, and sales team spread across USA.
Coala Life Inc is established on the US market and first team on board. Coala enters the German market in partnership with Arteriomed GmbH.
Microsofts CEO Satya Nadella highlights Coala Life as major game changer in healthcare part of his keynote presentation in Stockholm
Coala Life elected by as the leading MedTech startup in Sweden.
Coala Life elected by Norrsken as one of the #theimpact100 companies, with goal and passion to solve global challenges.
Coala Life secures A-series funding of total USD 11 million for expansion into the US market.
New research presented confirming the leading clinical accuracy of the Coala Heart Monitor, see here.
First results presented from The RedHeart Study – confirming that Coala Heart Monitor helps to alleviate worries and increase quality of life for women. Read more here.
Coala Life signs commercialisation agreement with Apotek Hjärtat, the largest Pharmacy retailer in Sweden
Coala Heart Monitor is cleared by the FDA, read pressrelease here.
Coala Life is recognized as one of 100 top Global leaders in Digital Health by The Journal of mHealth
Coala introduces new, unique algorithms with advanced P-wave detection and compatibility with Apple Health Records. Read more here.
Performance assessment study presented at American Heart Association 2018, and published in Circulation.
Coala Life elected by research firm PUBLIC as one of the leaders of the digital transformation of public healthcare.
Coala presents at the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara, US.
Coala named "Cool Vendor 2018" by Gartner.
Coala attends and presents at the Digital Health Pavilion of ESC 2018, the largest cardiovascular meeting in the world.
Coala Life is recognized by Red Herring as one of Europe's Top-100 start-ups.
Coala Life wins the People's Choice Award of the prestigious 2018 Grand Award of Design.
Publishing of clinical performance data at the 2018 Spring Cardiovascular Spring meeting in Stockholm.
Results from joint-project with Praktikertjänst (the largest private healthcare provider in Sweden) is presented proving a reduction in specialist referrals with almost 40%, with reduced costs and satisfied users as results.
The University Hospital in Lund starts using the Coala Pro for smart and Digital cardiac assessments.
Coala Life wins the Startup World Cup finals in Sweden and heading for the global grand finale in Silicon Valley.
Coala Life signs deal with global life science company Bayer. Read article here.
Coala Life raises additional growth capital and extends the Board.
Coala receives a major grant from the Swedish Governmental agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) to further develop Artificial Intelligence to enable early prediction of heart disease.
Coala Life is awarded the prestigious Rising Star Award 2017 at the Swedish American Life Science Summit.  
Coala is used in unique new clinical study on stroke patients.
Launch of the Coala Pro, a unique digital solution for caregivers and professional users to enable efficient, high performance yet simple arrhythmia assessments as well as diagnosing and managing patients with AFIB.  
Coala Life wins the prestigious eHealthAward 2017, handed over by the Swedish Minister of Health.
The Coala is launched in Sweden and sold online and in retail by LloydsPharmacy in Sweden.  
Coala Life is a proud winner and part of "Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies list 2017".
Coala is CE-approved and Coala Life is ISO 13485 certified.
Coala Life AB is founded after the fourth generation technology platform and analysis algorithms are successfully verified.
Coala research is initiated by Swedish entrepreneurs and physicians with the goal of developing wireless systems for digital monitoring and diagnosing of the heart.

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