Coala Life receives major grant from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems to further develop Artificial Intelligence to enable early prediction of heart disease

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Coala Life has, in partnership with Region Gävleborg och Cardiolund Research AB, received a governmental grant of 1.2 million SEK to further develop an AI-based system for cardiac disease prediction.

The project goal is to develop, integrate, train and clinically validate an AI-based system for outcome prediction. The AI system will be integrated into the CE-approved Coala Heart Monitor and scientifically verified on patients within the Region of Gävleborg.

Through AI, individualized and prevention-oriented heart screening is made possible in the home environment. If a likelihood of a certain diagnosis becomes high then the user can be warned early. Early detection of abnormalities provides opportunities for early prevention and ultimately improved public health, eg by preventing stroke cases with the treatment of anticoagulants.

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Swedish startup company and global life science company Bayer initiate partnership

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STOCKHOLM, 26 OCT, 2017. The Swedish medical technology company Coala Life AB and the life science company Bayer AB initiate partnership in the field of cardiac care. The partnership aims to find the many patients with undiagnosed heart disease, treat and help avoid myocardial infarction and stroke. By introducing new digital cardiac monitoring in the care chain, patients with undiscovered cardiovascular disease can be treated early.

Coala Life is a Swedish fast-growing startup company in the field of digital health. The company was founded based on more than 10 years of R&D, and has recently launched unique digital solutions for monitoring and diagnosing the heart. The company has developed the Coala Heart Monitor, a hardware and cloud based solution that enables effective arrhythmia investigations, early detection of heart disease and an easier way to follow the heart over time. Efficient monitoring enables for earlier treatment and improved outcomes. Coala Life has received numerous awards for its service and internationally praised for its potential to both improve heart disease and save patients’ lives.

-  This is a unique collaboration where the combination of innovative medical technology and world-leading pharmaceuticals will help to digitize, streamline and relieve heart care. Together with Bayer, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in cardiovascular care, we now create common prerequisites for finding and treating cardiac patients earlier, thus helping to win the battle against the world's leading health disease, said Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

Today, the lack of proper diagnosis is estimated to be around 25 percent among cardiovascular diseases. Only in Sweden, some doctors believe that there are 300,000 people who have not yet been diagnosed. There are evident opportunities to save lives as cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in the world.

For more information contact:

Titti Lundgren, CMO Coala Life, +46 70-835 33 28,

For questions to Bayer:

Joseffa Moritz, Communication Manager Bayer Sweden, 073-301 75 52,

About Coala Life

Coala Life is a Swedish medical technology company focused on cardiac diagnostics and mobile health. The company has developed a portfolio of patented products and services for digital remote monitoring and screening of the heart. All products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. 

About Bayer

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture. Its products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. Bayer is committed to the principles of sustainable development and to its social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen. . In 2016, Bayer had approximately 115,000 employees and a turnover of 46.8 billion euros. Capital expenses amounted to EUR 2.6 billion and R&D investments to EUR 4.7 billion. and

Coala Life wins the Rising Star Award 2017


Coala Life winner of the Rising Star Award 2017

Stockholm, Aug 28, 2017 - At the Swedish-American Life Science Summit 2017 (SALSS) in Stockholm, Coala Life was honored as the winner of first Rising Star Award 2017. The award recognizes a Swedish Life Science company that has the capacity to revolutionize and influence a global market.

"We are incredibly proud and honored by this prestigious award. The impressive, world acclaimed jury of The Rising Star Award proves that Swedish research and development is truly world-class and has the ability to impact the globe." said Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

SALSS is an exclusive conference that attracts some of the Life Science industry's most significant researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. The goal is to collaborate and create strategic relations between academia, industry and financiers, thus developing the global Life Science industry. The theme of this year´s conference was Cancer Moonshot, HealthTech Transformation and Impact Investing.

The Rising Star Award includes mentoring by the distinguished jury and introductions to international contacts. The prize was presented by jury member Susanne Najafi at a ceremony held at Nasdaq in Stockholm. The jury concluded:

We are proud to award Coala Life the SALSS 2017 Rising Star Award, for being a novel company with commercial potential, great impact and early approval.

 Coala is well advanced with their product and business model. It is highly scalable and the product is based on consumer insights. The main product is in the analysis of the data, not in the physical product that could be replaced by other market leaders. It also makes a significant impact as it helps detect one of the biggest causes of death today.

 The company is pursuing the hot space of mobile patient centered digital device technologies, applied for better monitoring of heart functions. This can improve future medical practice by integrating patient information continuously rather than episodically. They have already advanced a product to the local Swedish market and is now expanding into new customer segments.”

The international jury consisted of:

Dr. Robert LangerProfessor, MIT.   
Dr. Mikael DolstenPresident Worldwide R&D, Pfizer 
Dr. Carl-Henrik Heldin, Professor and Chairman, The Nobel Foundation
Dr. Eugen SteinerPartner, HealthCap 
Ms. Susanne NajafiEntrepreneur & Investor, Founding Partner Backing Minds 

For more information

Titti Lundgren, CMO, +46 70 8353328,

Philip Siberg, CEO, + 46 70 7906734,

Ylva Nicolae Santesson, Senior Project Manager SALSS, 070 2792524,


About Coala Life AB

Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture company focused on cardiac diagnostics and mobile health. The company has developed a portfolio of patented medical products and services for digital remote monitoring and screening of the heart. Coala's solutions enable analysis, remote monitoring, more effective cardiac assessments and integrated care services, all in real time. Coala has analyzed over 1.2 million heartbeats.


The Swedish-American Life Science Summit (SALSS) is a by-invitation-only conference bringing together some of the most renowned Life Science executives, scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. The aim is to build strategic and collaborative relationships between academia, industry and fundings, thus enhancing Life Science business. SALSS was founded in 2005 as an initiative to increase the level of cross-border business between one of the largest market in the world, the United States, and one of the most important Life Science industry centers in Europe, Sweden.

The SALSS Rising Star Jury 2017

Professor David H. Koch Institute, MIT

Dr. Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, MIT. Professor Langer has written over 1,250 articles and he also holds nearly 1,050 patents worldwide. Dr. Langer´s patents have been licensed or sublicensed to over 250 pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and medical device companies. Furthermore, Dr. Langer is the most cited engineer in history. He served as a member of the United States Food and Drug Administration´s SCIENCE Board, the FDA´s highest advisory board, from 1995 to 2002, and as its Chairman from 1999 to2002. Dr. Langer has received over 220 major awards and is one of seven individuals to have received both the United States National Medal of Science (2006) and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation (2011). He also received the 2002 Charles Stark Draper Prize, considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for engineers, the 2008 Millennium Prize, the world´s largest technology prize, the 2012 Priestley Medal, the highest award of the American Chemical Society, the 2013 Wolf Prize in Chemistry, the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences and the 2014 Kyoto Prize. He is the also the only engineer ever to receive the Gairdner Foundation International Award.

Chairman, The Nobel Foundation | Director, Ludwig Cancer Research

Dr. Heldin was the Branch Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Uppsala 1986-2017, and since 1992 he is also Professor in Molecular Cell Biology at Uppsala University where he obtained his PhD in Medical and Physiological Chemistry in 1980. Dr. Heldin is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Academia Europea. Dr. Heldin was a Vice President of the European Research Council until 2014, and is also an Associate Editor for Molecular Biology of the Cell, Genes to Cells and Growth Factors. He has received several scientific awards, including Prix Antoine Lacassagne in 1989, K. Fernströms Large Medical Prize in 1993 and the Pezcoller-American Association for Cancer Research Award 2002. Dr. Heldin is also serving on the board or scientific advisory board of several Life Science companies.

President, Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer

Dr. Dolsten is focused on advancing the company’s scientific leadership in small molecule medicines, biotherapeutics, and vaccines. He is a member of the Pfizer Executive Leadership Team and the company´s Portfolio Strategy and Investment Committee, which governs major pipeline investments and strategic end-to-end R&D priorities. He leads the Worldwide Research and Development (WRD) organization at Pfizer, which is responsible for research at the company, including development of all compounds through proof of concept, and provides safety, regulatory and clinical operation support to the entire R&D pipeline. The WRD group contains all Pfizer research units, including Oncology, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease, Neuroscience, Inflammation & Immunology, Vaccines, Rare Disease, as well as the Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) and the biotech unit, Rinat. Dr. Dolsten, also, has worldwide responsibility for Pfizer´s groups in safety, regulatory and external R&D innovation, in addition to science-based teams in pharmaceutical sciences, drug safety R&D, and large and small molecule discovery and development. Prior to joining Pfizer in 2009, Dr. Dolsten was President of Wyeth Research, where he led scientists across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Dr. Dolsten earned his Ph.D. in tumor immunology and M.D. from the University of Lund in Sweden, where he was appointed Adjunct Professor in Tumor Immunology. He is a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine. Dr. Dolsten serves on the Science and Regulatory Executive Committee of The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the PhRMA Foundation Board of Directors. He is a member of the Board of Karyopharm Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Dolsten was recently elected as Foreign Member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Dr. Dolsten is a named inventor on several patents and has published approximately 150 articles in international journals.

Entrepreneur, Investor & Founding Partner, Backing Minds

Ms. Najafi is an entrepreneur and investor. She is the founder of Venture Capital firm Backing Minds that invests beyond the homogeneous networks, in underinvested entrepreneurs that is normally missed by traditional VCs. Ms. Najafi grew up outside of Stockholm by Iranian parents and set an early goal in life to start a company that had 100 million in sales before the age of 30. She reached the goal with Eleven, one of Nordics largest e-commercial companies within beauty care where she was the founder and CEO. She has also founded 3 other companies within e-commerce and tech. She has a background as Brand Manager from Procter&Gamble and as a MSc-graduate in Business and Economics and CEMS from Stockholm School of Economics. Ms. Najafi is on the board of listed Stockmann and Lindex and has received several awards e.g. Young Leader of the Year 2015, Most Influential Founder under 40 by Dagens Industri and Entrepreneur Mama of the year 2016.

Venture Partner | HealthCap

Dr. Steiner has 30 years executive management experience as CEO or executive chairman in development stage life-science companies. As a venture partner of HealthCap, a leading European healthcare venture capital fund, he has since 1997 successfully organized and managed several start-up teams in companies which have been financed in part by HealthCap and has led financing efforts in these, which have succeeded in raising in total of over 500 million SEK from Swedish, European and US investors, enabling those companies to execute their strategies and to grow. Dr. Steiner is on the board of several public and private life-science companies as well as of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Until 1987, Dr. Steiner practiced medicine and was active in pharmacological research at the Karolinska Hospital, Sweden. Dr. Steiner received his medical degree from Karolinska Institute, and earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology.