Coala Life presents poster at American Heart Association´s annual meeting (AHA 2018)

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Coala Life presented the latest data during the American Heart Association´s Scientific Sessions 2018 (AHA 2018) in Chicago. The annual meeting was held on November 10-12 and is meant to provide a new dimension of cardiovascular discovery and clinical practice for clinicians, basic scientists, and researchers.

The poster presented data of Coala´s new analytical algorithms with enhanced functionality, which detects atrial fibrillation based on the presence of p-wave in the ECG signal. The data shows increased accuracy in detecting atrial fibrillation (AF) and reduced false positive results. These findings conclude that the Coala Heart Monitor becomes the first integrated, smartphone-based system to detect arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation (AF) based on analysis of both P-wave and R-R variability in the ECG signal, which is in line with current clinical guidelines. 

The data is published in AHA's well renowned journal “Circulation”. To read the full article, press here. 

Coala introduces new algorithms with advanced P-wave detection and Apple Health Records compatibility


The next-generation Coala Heart Monitor is now launched with increased accuracy to detect heart disease and with minimized risk of false positive results. Thus, the Coala Heart Monitor becomes the first integrated, smartphone-based system to detect arrhythmias and atrial fibrillation (AF) based on analysis of both P-wave and R-R variability in the ECG signal, in line with clinical guidelines. 

-       Now we take the next big technical leap for the heart and further increase the detection accuracy. Our new algorithms are best-in-class and with nearly half a million ECG measurements analyzed, we have unique prerequisites for ongoing training of the algorithms to clinical perfection; commented Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

State-of-the-art analytic algorithms

The new analysis algorithms are based on research findings presented at the 2018 Autumn Meeting of the Swedish Association for Clinical Physiology in Lund, Sweden. In the study[1], Coala's new analysis algorithms were evaluated with enhanced functionality to detect atrial fibrillation based on the presence of P-wave or not in the ECG signal. The new algorithms were compared to existing Coala Heart Monitor algorithms and demonstrated a significant increase in accuracy by an increased Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of 0.751 to 0.872, corresponding to a decrease of false positive results by more than 90%, while at the same time retaining high sensitivity and specificity.

Meeting  clinical guidelines with P-wave and R-R based detection

Established clinical guidelines define that atrial fibrillation (AF) is diagnosed by ECG and demonstrated variability in R-R and absence of P-waves. Detecting P-waves with high-sensitivity and specificity requires high resolution and signal quality. Coala Heart Monitor analyzes, unlike conventional mobile ECG systems that typically only detect for irregular pulse or R-R variability, both for R-R variability and absence of P-waves, leading to market leading accuracy. 

Apple compatibility

The new Coala Heart Monitor is compatible with new Apple Health Records and is since 2017 already compatible with Apple Health. The latest version of Coala App 1.5 is available today with Apple AppStore and Google Play.

To download the new Coala Product Note, click here. 

For more information contact:

Philip Siberg, VD, +46 70 790 6734,

Titti Lundgren, CMO, +46 70 835 33 28,

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[1] Evaluation of an enhanced, cloud-based AF-detection algorithm based on real-world arrhythmic recordings. Olsson Å et al. Abstract presented at 2018 Höstmöte för Svensk Förening för Klinisk Fysiologi, Lund.

Coala Life´s CEO invited as speaker at the SACC Summit in Houston, Texas

SACC summit Coala Life Chamber of Commerce

Coala´s CEO and co-founder Philip Siberg is invited as speaker at SACC-USA and SACC-Texas flagship event the SACC Summit 2018 in Houston, Texas, October 25-26. The summit gathers corporate members, leading innovators and companies, entrepreneurs and academics, industry leaders and representatives from 20 regional Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce.

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New study shows how the Coala Heart Monitor becomes smarter the more it is used

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At the Autumn meeting of the Swedish Association for Clinical Physiology in Lund, a new study was presented "Evaluation of an enhanced, cloud-based AF detection algorithm based on real-world arrhythmic recordings conducted." by Åke Olsson, Cardiologist, City Heart and Magnus Samuelsson, CTO, Coala Life.

The study evaluated new analytical algorithms with enhanced functionality that detects atrial fibrillation based on the presence of p-wave in the ECG signal. The new algorithms were compared to existing Coala Heart Monitor algorithms, and demonstrated a significant increase in accuracy by an increased Positive Predictive Value (PPV) of over 90%.

The study shows how cloud-based medical systems have the ability to continuously enhance their performance by using their own reference data to train further increase performance and accuracy.

Read the report here.

Launch of Coala Pro X, a digital service for smart cardiac assessments


STOCKHOLM 2018, Sept 25. Introducing the Coala Pro X, a new medical service for patient centered, digital cardiac investigations in a home environment. Upon order, a Coala Heart Monitor Pro is sent directly to the patient for monitoring, which simplifies handling, eliminates waiting times, and more efficient remote cardiac assessment through any connected computer.

Coala Pro X is a new, patient centered, digital service developed for caregivers. The service is simply ordered online whereby a Coala Heart Monitor Pro is sent directly home to the patient, including a return envelope. Appropriate assessment period is decided by the care provider, typically 30-60 days. The system has no limitations on the number of measurements or usage. The caregiver follows the connected patient via the Coala Care Platform and is not required to handle or manage any products in the clinic. 

"We’re now taking additional steps to transform and digitize cardiac assessments. We make it possible for both primary and specialist care to easily carry out patient centered cardiac investigations without waiting times, with simplified handling and at significantly lower costs." commented Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life. 

The Coala Heart Monitor Pro records both 30 second breast and finger ECG to maximize accuracy in the measurement. Automatic detection of 10 different arrhythmias, incl. normal based on algorithms developed and validated in Sweden. The Coala Pro also has an integrated digital stethoscope that synchronously captures ECG, to enable remote auscultation and smart correlation.  

- Easy. No need of internal configuration or handling. A smart service at low cost. 

- Available. A Coala Pro is sent home directly to the patient within 36h, with a return envelope. 

- Connected.  Follow the patient remotely and diagnose efficiently via Coala Care.

For a free Coala Care account and more information on pricing and opportunities with digital cardiac investigations, contact Anna Hernegran on, or phone     +46 70 835 3462. The service is currently only available in Sweden.

For more info, please contact:

Philip Siberg, CEO, +46 70 7906734,

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Coala Life included in the scientific program at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2018


The ESC congress is the world´s largest cardiovascular congress, gathering more than 35 000 visitors from all across the world, this year held in Munich. Coala Life was part of the new Digital Health Pavilion and we were totally overwhelmed by the attention and number of visitors, from more than 40 countries, all eager to learn more about the latest in cardiac monitoring - Coala Heart Monitor - a digital, patient engaged solution enabling long-term predictive monitoring as a part of your daily life. 

The room was totally full when Philip Siberg, Coala's CEO and co-founder, entered the Digital Health Stage as a part of the ESC scientific program, and presented some of Coalas real-life data from the hundreds of thousands of analyzed ECG’s and insights from patients and cardiologist as well as ongoing, groundbreaking studies using Coala´s platform.

Curious to find out more from the ESC congress, please read full article here.

What's the future of cardiology - it's digital and patient engaged at ESC 2018.



Just back home from the ESC (European Society of Cardiology), the world’s largest cardiovascular meeting gathering almost 35,000 professionals. One of the boiling pots of this year’s meeting in Munich was the Digital Health pavilion.

Like a hyper-magnet, and cramped with visitors, the pavilion attracted the curiosity and interest of many of the world leaders in cardiology, as well as the industry. All on a joint mission to transform and improve the way cardiac disease is detected and treated.

I was honored to present Coala in a scientific session including great and admirable industry peers such as iRhythm and Alivecor. I presented some of our real-life data from the hundreds of thousands of analyzed ECG’s and insights of ongoing, groundbreaking studies using our platform.

By using the Coala and its cloud platform for instant analysis and analytics, researchers have the ability to detect and intervene as needed during the course of the study. In the RedHeart Study, we helped to recruit more than 1,000 women-only study participants in just 48 hours just by using the power of social media, and where the women are followed over 8 weeks to assess palpitations, quality of life and other endpoints.

The ability to instantly detect disease and divert a clinical trial participant for treatment in any monitoring trial should be considered best practice.

A digital tornado

We’re certainly in the midst of a disruptive tornado of industry change. With the healthcare industry still being less digitally transformed than i.e. the oil and mining industry, there is so much exciting to come.

We noted as exhibitors of the ESC 2018 a strong drive and demand for digital, patient engaged solutions enabling long-term predictive monitoring in daily life. Short-term continuous ECG remains inadequate in providing satisfactory clinical diagnostic yields.

The Coala is developed to enable patient engaged analysis over unlimited periods of time, not just a few days. And by using direct connectivity to our smart cloud, we offer outstanding opportunities for predictive analytics using AI.

Using the power of the patient

The ESC has defined patient involvement as a strategic priority. It’s in-line with their mission ‘to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease’. ESC has recognized that patient engagement represents a powerful mechanism for health care professionals, and this is where digital health offers such outstanding potential opportunities.

The Coala Heart Monitor is powered by the individual. Instant analysis and simple connectivity for the clinician. Monitoring at a fraction of typical industry price levels, no needs to download data from a data collector for later analysis, and the more its used, the smarter it gets.

Supportive guidelines in place

The ESC guidelines state that patient involvement should be considered to encourage self-management. Opportunistic screening for Atrial Fibrillation has been recommended at ≥65 years by ESC guidelines since 2012.

Yet screening tools need to be cost-effective and highly sensitive and specific to reduce the amount of false negatives and unnecessary burden on healthcare. Coala has shown industry leading accuracy and precision, with a patient driven digital solution.

As an example, new research from Sweden presented at ESC concluded that manual pulse palpation had a very low positive predictive value resulting in a high proportion of false positive results. Sensitivity for manual pulse palpation was modest, with only 6 percent of patients experiencing irregular pulse actually being diagnosed with AF. And furthermore, AF was found in almost equal amounts of patients that did not have a manually detected irregular pulse.

The journey continues

We left Munich with a briefcase of business cards and inspiring interest from professionals from over 30 countries. We were excited to see excellent digital solutions on the market, from advanced patches to apps. Each with its positioning and contributions to the patient. The future will likely involve several solutions tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

An excellent conclusion is that of Dave Fornell, editor of the Diagnostic and Interventional cardiology magazine (DAIC): “The future standard of care will likely be online, real-time monitoring combined with smart algorithms or artificial intelligence.”

But the future of cardiology is already here – let’s just get into practice across the globe.

Let's connect to make this happen.

Philip Siberg, Coala Life AB

Coala named "Cool Vendor 2018" by Gartner


STOCKHOLM 2018-08-15. Coala Life announced today that it has been named “Cool Vendor 2018” by Gartner Inc, the world's leading research and advisory company. The announcement is made within the market of Health and Wellness Devices and Coala is joined by four other impressive US and UK-based companies.

- It is an honor to be named Gartner “Cool Vendor”, said Philip Siberg, co-founder and CEO of Coala Life. Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company and their designation validates our mission and commitment to develop solutions that help win the battle against the leading cause of death. We join an exclusive club of companies, of which many Cool Vendors have scaled up to become global leaders.

The announcement is based on the August 13, 2018 report, titled “Cool Vendors in Health and Wellness Devices, 2018” by David Glenn et al. at Gartner Inc. The report evaluates interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services in the health and wellness market. The Gartner Cool Vendor 2018 report summarizes that health and wellness devices provide valuable data for personal self-awareness and healthcare professionals. Technology product marketers in the health and wellness ecosystem should expand their device sales channels to target nonclinical healthcare-related providers. The complete report is available here,

Gartner's definition of a Cool Vendor is a small company offering a technology or service that is:

  • Innovative — enables users to do things they couldn't do before
  • Impactful — has or will have a business impact, not just technology for its own sake
  • Intriguing — has caught Gartner's interest during the past six months

For more info:
Philip Siberg, CEO and co-founder, +46 70 7906734,
Titti Lundgren, CMO, +46 70 8353328,

About Coala Life
Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture focused on cardiac diagnostics and digital health. The company has developed a portfolio of patented medical products and services for user-centered digital remote monitoring and screening of the heart based on advanced and smart algorithms. Coala's solutions enable analysis, remote monitoring, more effective cardiac assessments and integrated care services, all in real time. Follow your Heart®. For more information see,

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Coala Life raises additional growth capital


STOCKHOLM JUNE 6th, 2018 – Coala Life has raised an additional 16 million SEK (approx. USD 2 million) in growth capital to further accelerate its commercialization. Investors include 20 North Street, Larry Leksell, international business angels and senior executives in the company. 

"We’ve now raised over SEK 110 million [approx. USD 12.5 million] on our mission to develop unique solutions for individual and patient-centered cardiac analysis. It’s about improving clinical accessibility, productivity and sensitivity, and to generate data that can be used to predict heart disease based on our AI-algorithms to help win the battle against the world's leading cause of death", commented Philip Siberg, CEO and co-founder of Coala Life.

The raised capital aims to accelerate commercialization within the consumer market and further drive the digitization of cardiac care.

As of today, the Coala-system has analyzed over 100,000 ECG’s with approximately 100 healthcare providers and 250 physicians connected to the platform. Many previously unknown cases of heart disease have been detected and treated, and the solutions have shown to improve healthcare productivity and alleviate worries with very strong clinical sensitivity and specificity.

Coala Life was founded and supported by a number of leading entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors in the Life Science industry including Larry Leksell (chairman and founder of Elekta AB), Sören Olofsson (former CEO of some of Sweden’s largest hospitals and County Council CEO) and Liselott Kilaas (former President and CEO of Aleris, the largest health care provider in Scandinavia).

For more info:

Philip Siberg, CEO and co-founder, +46 70 7906734,

Titti Lundgren, Chief Marketing Officer, +46 708 3533 28,

Super-quartet joins the Coala team



Coala Life strengthens the organization further with new Chairman, Board member, Business Development Manager and Customer Experience Manager.

"We welcome a super-quartet to further accelerate our position as the leader in digital solutions and services for the heart," commented Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

Liselott Kilaas joins as new chairman of Coala Life. Liselott has a 30-year career including roles as the CEO of Aleris, the largest healthcare provider in Scandinavia, and as a member of the Board of Telenor ASA and the Norwegian Central Bank. Liselott is currently Board Member of Orkla ASA, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Peab AB, to name a few.

"I am very committed to health issues and I see great potential in Coala Life and how digital solutions can help to improve care," commented Liselott Kilaas, new chairman of Coala Life. 

Johanna Öberg joins as new Board member of Coala Life. Johanna is the CEO of Memira, Scandinavia's largest healthcare provider within eye lens and lens replacement surgeries. Johanna has a long career, including a turn-around of the leading media group Stampen as CEO, nas has worked within the Kinnevik group and launched the newspaper Metro in Puerto Rico.

Anna Hernegran joins as Business Development Manager. Anna brings in a successful career from Philips Healthcare where she was responsible for developing sales within Imaging and Cardiology markets. Annas focus at Coala is primarily to further develop our business and drive sales in the healthcare markets and work with our great partners.

Malin Sendén joins as Customer Experience Manager. Malin recently worked for Global Kinetics, a digital medical technology company. Malin will focus on delivering the best customer experience to the consumer, patient and healthcare.